Byngmount Home

Tasked to create a contemporary update for this Mississauga residence, we employed subtle tones and textures to establish continuity throughout the home. Against this neutral palette, contrasting features and fixtures create various points of interest.

Based on plans provided by the owner’s architect, the nearly invisible cabinets allowed the rift cut white oak niches to become prominent visual anchors.

Marf Patio

The homeowners wanted to maximize their outdoor footprint and create integrated recreational zones starting with a patio that extended the width of their house. One half is dedicated to cedar pergola structures that define the cooking and dining areas. Situated for immediate access from the house, the larger structure has a retractable shade for comfort and ambient lighting to help set the mood. The integrated cooking and storage areas are grouped to one side to maximize the utility of the available space.

A short step down brings you to a large seating area with a linear gas fireplace, a perfect spot to finish out an evening.

Skylark Kitchen Toronto

Our client was looking for an updated kitchen with some character and a lot more functionality. The main elements – including a dishwasher hidden in the island – were logically arranged to keep everything within easy reach and the wall of cabinets resolved any storage concerns. They were open-minded about colour which led to the light seafoam cabinets & burnt orange island which serves as a focal point. The balance of the design is a mix of neutral textures and patterns with touches of brass to add detail and tie the design together.

Modern Kitchen Toronto

Efficient organization was the priority for this thorough kitchen remodel starting with the centralization of appliances and storage. The cabinets provided the foundation while the finished look was achieved by layering old and new with smooth textures for a minimalist presence. Heritage elements help retain a sense of connection to the original home with the plaster cove and restored trim. The secret doorway beside the oven became a seamless part of the design.

The cast concrete countertops, Danish-oiled ambrosia maple flooring and white oak cabinetry provide a subtle variance in finishes that come together in a comforting and contemporary design.

Modern Bathroom Toronto

The goal with this bathroom remodel in the Toronto area was to create an expansive feeling for a spa-like retreat within a limited footprint. Starting with an efficient spatial layout that allowed freedom of movement, we had to integrate sufficient storage while enhancing the visual impression of the space.

Carefully selected finishes converge in a way that are as functional as they are attractive. Details include custom cast concrete elements, an inset basin, a deeply recessed medicine cabinet in hand-finished hardwood and a flush-mounted rainfall shower head. The cantilevered bench also features radiant heat for a luxury touch.

Kitchen Remodel Toronto

Part of a complete first floor remodel, we worked closely with the homeowners to open up the full potential of this traditional and rather cramped bungalow. Employing spacial sensibilities typically reserved for smaller condos, we maximized functionality and modernized the look while adding value to the property. Another ‘back to the studs’ project, we had all trades on board with a process that included special permits for the exposed beam. We also reoriented the hardwood floors to run the length of the house to extend the sight lines and then finished the look with gallery white and light oak flooring.

Floating Staircase Toronto

The custom designed focal point of a Toronto storefront conversion, this staircase was formed from 288 plies of fir and showcased within a glass wall.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Toronto

Cast concrete countertops with solid ash cabinets form this custom kitchen island in a west Toronto home. The materials and their colour palettes were carefully chosen for the way they interact to create a contemporary look with a quiet, natural feel.
Long horizontal cabinets with bevelled faces open up floor space in the kitchen’s wash area.